Monday, June 18, 2012

Cheeky XL Plate A

I got my cheeky xl plates today! I ordered a set of three from amazon for 25.01, a lot less than I would have paid ordering from magno nails. I also ordered an xl stamper from eBay. I really like these plates, the images are crisp and long enough to cover my entire nail, I always have to double stamp with konad, red angel, and bundle monster.
The xl stamper is about a third larger than the standard konad stamper, you'll need one if you're trying to get the whole image or if you have long nails like me. If you don't then there's no point in spending the extra money. The xl stamper is softer than the konad one, it might take a little getting used to as you don't have to press hard to pick up or stamp.
Overall I'm really pleased with my purchase, I've been wanting these designs for a while and for about $30 I feel like I got a good deal. The quality of the plates is a lot better than the majority of fauxnads out there and I may buy the rest of them in the future.


  1. I always admire your stamping! Just perfect. Mine is always crappy looking!

  2. Thank you! The secret to stamping, for me anyway, is 2 coats of sv over the base color so I can mess up and remove with acetone a few times... It's never straight the first time lol