Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics - Blue Rhapsody + Essence peel off base coat

Today I'm wearing the 2nd of my Essie mirror metallics, Blue Rhapsody. I knew that I'd be topping this with glitter do I decided to try a peel off base coat that my friend sent from Germany.

The base coat did a good job of smoothing the surface of my nail, as good a job a my ridge filler does. It applied white and dried clear (see picture). I expected this to wear off very quickly but I actually got four days out of it before I got sick of the color and picked at it myself.

As far as the peeling goes, it's not as peel-y as I expected. If you've ever put too much top coat on your nails and had it pop off in large nail shaped pieces then you know what it's like to use this. It more or less came off in big pieces but left no damage to the nail. I liked it and will definitely save it for days I feel like glitter bombs.

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