Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chanel June with Lac Attack

I don't own too many high end polishes, I'm a student and try to stretch my polish dollars as far as they can possibly go. As a result I don't even bother to look at the limited edition releases from Chanel, why get my hopes up for no reason? But I was recently offered this polish in a swap and I jumped at the chance. June is the most perfect orange, it's on the sheer side so three coats were necessary but the amazing formula more than made up for that. I was missing my glitter do I added a Lac Attack accent nail.


  1. This really looks hot!
    Is it somewhere similar to Juleps Hayden? Cauz in the pic June look so bright!?

    And I surely love the glitter accent nail. Sometimes I wish I would be braver and just put one of my too many glitters on *lol* but I mostly chicken out!


  2. It's in the same family as Hayden, but it's less creamy and I'd say a bit more orange. On me Hayden looks more pink. Accent nails are easy to pull off than a full glitter mani, that's actually how my love of glitter started, I used to be a creams only kind of girl.