Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My friends never cease to amaze me...

You may know that I am a member of a nail board. I have met many people across the globe on this forum and feel very fortunate to be able to call some of these ladies my friends.
A few months ago I became penpals with one of these fabulous ladies and we've been trading letters and small gifts since. I have always wanted a penpal, I love getting hand written letters in the mail and there's something so exciting about corresponding that way. Email is faster, and we do email each other as well but I try to leave the meat of my news for the letters I send.
Any how, yesterday I received a package from my wonderful beyond words friend. She sent me pictures of her recent vacation, a fabulously long letter, foreign sweets that are so much fun to look at (and eat) and the most generous gift of nail polish. I know that I have lots of polish, but this gift is special for a few reasons, the first is that it's unavailable to me in my country, the second and much bigger reason is that a person I've never met before took time to pick something that she knew I'd love and went out of her way to send it to me.
It's funny that the things that seem to make me the happiest are small gestures that some people might take for granted. If my friend reads this I would like her to know how much I truly appreciate her. And if you have a friend who does little things to make you happy maybe you can try to brighten their day too.

I will have a nail polish post this evening and plan to use these awesome polishes very soon!

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