Saturday, July 21, 2012

Daring Digits Master Shake Reformulated

So, a while ago I wore Master Shake by Daring Digits... I wasn't thrilled because the polish she sent me was a frost rather than the jelly that was pictured in the listing. I emailed the shop owner and inquired as to whether she was going to make the jelly version available again and she was extremely nice and told me that because she didn't modify the listing she would send me a bottle of the jelly version free of charge. I really wasn't looking for a freebie, I would have been more than happy to place a second order.

I was terribly impressed with her customer service, and when the second bottle of master shake came in I was impressed with her polish. The formula was perfect, 2 coats for a squishy but opaque finish that was heavily complimented.

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