Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Julep Best Pedi Creme Ever

Warning: product review ahead!

Today I'm going to discuss my experience with Julep's 'Best Pedi Creme Ever.' I got my first bottle of this as part of a multi product swap, really pleased I tried it and a little disappointed that I skipped the box that introduced it.

Julep claims that this 'creme' (I think it has more of a lotion texture) is not only moisturizing but also exfoliating and that you'll see noticeable results in two uses. My skin is very dry and very sensitive but I can usually get away with using even heavily scented lotions and creams on my feet. The only problem with that is that only really heavy creams and butters keep my feet soft. Julep's Creme did as promised and moisturized my feet nicely, I didn't notice dramatic results but I didn't get chapped heels while using this even after a full week in flip flops and a San Diego heat wave. It's got a nice non-greasy lotion texture and a very pleasant LIGHT cucumber mint scent. I love that despite the exfoliants it doesn't have a strong scent nor does it conflict with the scent of my regular moisturizer.

I experienced no adverse reactions to this lotion and PURCHASED another bottle last week. I have encouraged my flip flop loving friends to try it and can recommend it to anyone looking for a good foot cream. My only complaint is the size of the tube, it's only 2 oz. at this size it's a bit spendy if you don't get it during a promo.

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  1. That sounds great! I got such dry skin too and it takes a lot to keep my feet soft.
    Sometimes I really wish that Julep stuff would be available over here.
    But I might be able to pick one up when I will be in Vegas next month! So thanks for the review, now I know that I should watch out for it ;-)